Save Money Today on Your Student Loans

You may not be in a position to take that bucket list trip right now, but that's not to say you have to settle for a staycation. 

If you pick your destination wisely, that's half the battle. Look for venues that are not on everyone's must-go list, but still have the qualities that matter to you. Here are a few budget-friendly ideas to get you started. 

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Is it more strategic to put money into your retirement account or put any and all extra cash towards your student loan debt?

If you're like a lot of recent graduates you’re probably thinking that since retirement is so far away and student loan debt is right now, you should focus on what’s in front of you first. 

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You might be putting off saving until some future time when you make more money. But is that really realistic or is it just wishful thinking? 

CNBC ran a story recently about an anonymous couple in New York City who, though they bring in a combined $500,000 a year, haven't been able to set money aside for savings.  So where is all that money going? 

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Maybe not everyone is cut out for a salaried office job. Maybe your dreams involve traveling and working abroad, launching your own start-up, or being self-employed. If you have student loan debt, you might think those dreams are impossible.

But your student loans shouldn’t doom you to a lifetime chained to a job you dislike. Here’s a look at the steps you can take to make your independent life goals achievable.  

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Buying a house for the first time is right up there with major milestones like getting married and having a baby. It’s exciting, maddening, and the biggest investment most people will make.

It’s a big deal for you—so get ready for the great inquisition. You don’t even want to approach a lender if you don’t have your finances in shape—but don’t worry, we can help. 

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Owning your own home has long been a part of the American dream. Put down some roots, get your piece of the pie, and build valuable equity to help shore up your financial future at the same time.

But is buying a home is a good investment in today’s economy?

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