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Trish Sammer is Comet's managing editor. Her work has appeared in Woman’s Day, Redbook, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and Forbes. She has also written for various corporate clients, including the tech giant SAP, The Franklin Institute, and PSE&G. When Trish isn’t busy acting as a writing ninja for other people, you can find her … well, writing about other stuff, like divorce and blended family life. She lives outside of Philadelphia with her almost-husband, their combined brood, and the world’s laziest dog.
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What is the essential question around refinancing your student loans? It’s probably this:

Is refinancing worth the hassle?

Let us answer your question with a question: how many other ways can you make $20,000 in one hour?

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Is your current bank “good on paper” but not-so-great in person? Even though many banking transactions can now be completed online, that personal touch still matters.

Whether you’re looking to secure a loan, deposit a check, or investigate a questionable charge, being able to interact with knowledgeable, genuinely helpful bank associates can make your life easier. It can also help get you on the right track for shoring up your financial future.

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What’s the best way to tackle multiple student loan payments? Should you pay a little extra on every loan, every month? Or is it better to focus your attention on one loan at a time?

Paying down high-interest loans first can save you more money, but tackling low-balance loans first can provide a powerful mental boost. Of course, federal and private loans may have different loan terms that are worth considering. Let's take a look at how to parse out what's right for you.

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California has several state-specific loan forgiveness programs that can help eliminate your student loans. Most of these programs are geared toward medical and healthcare professionals. However, federal student loan forgiveness may be available for California residents who work in other fields. 

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A promise to help you get out of debt or default ... for a fee. A secret student loan forgiveness program you never heard of, but that you magically qualify for. Offers from companies with no website or phone number. Oh, and hurry! This offer is limited-time only. In case you haven't guessed, these are just some of the student loan forgiveness scams you may run into in 2018. Read on for how to spot them. 

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If you have more than one student loan, you may have considered consolidating them to simplify your monthly payments.

But what does consolidation mean, exactly? Is it the same as refinancing? The fast answer: Student loan consolidation allows you to take multiple monthly student loan payments and join them together. Student loan refinancing is when you take out an entirely new loan to pay off your existing student loans.

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