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Refinancing and consolidation are two ways to make student loans more manageable.

Refinancing is a strategy that can help you save money, while consolidation can simplify your student loans and result in other potential benefits.

Your best option depends on your goals, financial circumstances and current student loan debt.  

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For some college grads, the income they earn right after graduation makes it difficult to pay down the balance on their student loans.

If this is a challenge for you, the government’s Graduated Repayment Plan might help make things more manageable by lowering your monthly student loan payments

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Chances are, if you are a new college graduate, you have some federal and/or private student loans that need to be repaid.

Because managing debt can be a burden and keep you from achieving life goals like moving out on your own or getting married, paying off student loans early might seem like a good idea. But debt and finances are intertwined, so there are several things to consider before you start applying any extra cash toward retiring student loans early.

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Today, more and more smart college students are making efforts to attack their student loan debt while they are still in school.

Why? Because even small amounts of money applied to pay student loans while in school can save thousands over the repayment lifetime after graduation. 

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In recent years, the millennial migration to America’s cities has shown no signs of slowing. From perennial magnets like the Big Apple to smaller urban destinations like Virginia Beach, cities across the country have seen their millennial populations surge.

When they want to settle down in their new homes, however, young Americans often encounter challenging housing markets.

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With 44 million Americans currently dealing with student loans, borrowers are exploring every possible means to reduce or eliminate their debt. If you belong to that large and growing category, student loan forgiveness can sound like an ideal option. This prospect has gotten a lot of attention following the Obama administration’s changes to the nation’s student loan system, with more than 5 million borrowers now using plans that could lead to loan forgiveness in time.

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