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You may think you're drowning in student loan debt if you owe more than the average of $37,172. 

But in fact, there are relatively common cases of doctors, lawyers, and dentists whose $300,000 debt make your debt seem miniscule. For example:

  1. The vet who owes more than $517,000.
  2. The couple with double law-school debt.
  3. The orthodontist who owes $1 million.
  4. The couple working to pay down $500,000.
  5. The law school graduate who lives on welfare.
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Banking on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program? It has been considered one of best chances for a college graduate to get their debt cancelled. But newly released data suggests it's far from a shoe-in. Apparently, 99% of applicants to this government program have been rejected.

So if you're hoping to get your loan discharged, you may want to keep your options open to other possibilities. That's where state programs come in.

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If you're lucky enough to live in Florida — the state with beautiful sandy beaches and sunny weather — you should know what the state offers in terms of student loan relief. Florida, like other states, offer opportunities to cancel, or discharge, all or part of your student loans.

The state offers two programs, designed for two specific careers or fields that meet a need in the state. In essence, these programs give some Floridians a way out of their debt.

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Have you recently been contacted by Premier Student Loan Center? If so, you should know that online reviews suggest that Premier Student Loan Center is not a reputable company. 

This is a company that bills itself as a solution to your student loan debt problems. They say they can lower your student loan payments and generally help you with student loan services —for a fee. These promises can sound enticing. After all, many borrowers struggle not only understanding student loan concepts like interest capitalization, but also with basic services like managing monthly payments. 
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Wage garnishment is often the last resort for creditors and collectors who are looking to collect on delinquent debt. This process is triggered when your employer is legally required to deduct up to 25% of your earnings to pay off your debt. When it comes to student loans, this usually happens after you default on your payments.

The best way to avoid wage garnishment is to make you don't default on your student loan debt in the first place. But when you're already in the process, there are five ways to stop it—without  necessarily paying someone to help you. Here's what you need to know.

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It's every college graduate's dream — that one day, their student debt can be cancelled.

For some borrowers, this dream can become a reality through programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness and other career-specific loan forgiveness programs. But the requirements for these programs aren't always the easiest to meet. Thankfully, New York state has many options that may just cancel out your debt. 

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