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If you live in Minnesota, you’re in luck. In addition to student loan forgiveness at the federal level, you’re eligible for a number of student loan forgiveness programs just for state residents. Here’s a roundup of all your state’s forgiveness programs.

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Buying a house for the first time is right up there with major milestones like getting married and having a baby. It’s exciting, maddening, and the biggest investment most people will make.

It’s a big deal for you—so get ready for the great inquisition. You don’t even want to approach a lender if you don’t have your finances in shape—but don’t worry, we can help. 

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With Americans now owing over $1.4 billion in student loans, some states have stepped up to help their residents pay back those loans a bit more quickly — especially if they can do so while providing much-needed skills to other state residents. 

To incentivize health professionals to work in areas of high need, Massachusetts offers loan repayment assistance to borrowers in the medical field. 

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Is your current bank “good on paper” but not-so-great in person? Even though many banking transactions can now be completed online, that personal touch still matters.

Whether you’re looking to secure a loan, deposit a check, or investigate a questionable charge, being able to interact with knowledgeable, genuinely helpful bank associates can make your life easier. It can also help get you on the right track for shoring up your financial future.

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If you're a Georgia resident, then you probably know that Georgia has put a lot of money toward higher education by funding tuition programs like the HOPE Scholarship and the Zell Miller Scholarship for college students.

The good news for those who have already graduated is that the State also funds a number of loan repayment programs. 

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You may think you're drowning in student loan debt if you owe more than the average of $37,172. 

But in fact, there are relatively common cases of doctors, lawyers, and dentists whose $300,000 debt make your debt seem miniscule. For example:

  1. The vet who owes more than $517,000.
  2. The couple with double law-school debt.
  3. The orthodontist who owes $1 million.
  4. The couple working to pay down $500,000.
  5. The law school graduate who lives on welfare.
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