Student loan refinancing solutions from pros.

$200 million dollars. That’s how much college grads have saved on student loan payments—working with Comet. How much could you save? It’s time to take control of your life. Time to get a grip on your finances. Pay down your loans. Easier. Faster. Smarter. After all, you’ve earned the right.


Jim Stewart

CEO & Co-founder

Jim co-founded Comet with the goal of creating better opportunities for student loan borrowers. Jim has a history of helping young adults advance their careers. One example is his creation of one of the first nonprofit coding schools in the country, Zip Code Wilmington. A second is his experience as a board member at the Delaware State University.

Ben Brake

President & Co-founder

Ben is president of Comet. With over 25 years of financial services experience and nearly a decade of working with students from financially distressed communities, he’s dedicated to ensuring that student loan borrowers have access to the best options in the marketplace.

Mike Brown

Managing Director

Mike is responsible for the editorial and marketing direction of Comet. He has a history of helping people thru his educational background—first as a teacher at the Pennsylvania State University and then thru 15 years of development and marketing of education programs.

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